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Tips on Selling Your Annuity or Structured Settlment

What Questions Should You Ask a Potential Annuity Buyer?

As an annuity owner, you have the ability to sell your annuity for a lump sum of cash if you so desire. We’ve talked about reasons in past posts about why this might be necessary. You may need immediate cash to pay a bill or address an upcoming expense. Or you may want to take advantage of an investment opportunity that could potentially pay out larger dividends. Whatever the reason, in an annuity sale, it takes two to tango, so one of the most important steps will be finding a buyer.

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You Won Big in the Casino. Here’s Why You Might Be Getting Paid in Installments

When you enter a casino floor and put your money into the first slot machine, is there a part of you that starts thinking about what you’ll do if you win the big jackpot? Casinos thrive on this wishful thinking, but the truth is that jackpot wins happen, and some people do get rich playing the slots, winning a sports bet, or gambling at the tables.

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