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Tips on Selling Your Annuity or Structured Settlment

Ways to Overcome Your Financial Stress

We understand that financial stress can be a constant source of stress for many households. We write a lot about how people have found financial freedom by selling their annuities for cash now. If you are able to do this, you may be able to finally pay off that crippling credit card debt or catch up on medical bills that have left you in a constant state of worry for some time now.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed by an Annuity Buyer

If you own an annuity or structured settlement, you always have to be mindful of scammers looking to sign your payments over to them. Structured settlement owners do have some protection in the Structured Settlement Protection Act, which among other things mandates that structured settlement owners get financial advice from an independent financial advisor and that the transaction gets approval from a state court.

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How to Manage Your Finances after You Sell Your Annuity

Selling an annuity for immediate cash can provide a lifeline to people who are in need of cash now.  The most common reasons why people decide to ultimately sell their annuity is to pay down high interest debt, cover medical costs, take care of a home or car repair, etc. When you sell your annuity to a reputable factoring company that can offer you a competitive quote, you can get the money you need when all other options are exhausted.

Topics: sell annuity