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Why You Should Sell Your Structured Annuity!

August 6, 2018

There are many ways someone could acquire a structured settlement. Perhaps you won the lottery or annuity settlement. Regardless of how you've come into your annuity payments, an important question that should be considered is: "Should I continue to collect annual payments or sell my structured settlement for a lump sum of cash?" While sticking with an annuity can be beneficial for some, others choose to sell so they can make the most out of the money.

Choosing to sell all or part of your annuity payments for a lump sum of cash has its benefits. Here are some reasons to sell your structured settlement and get cash for your annuity.


Sell To Pay Off Debt

In tough financial times, selling your structured settlement can provide some much-needed relief and prevent you from spiraling into debt. Whether you're faced with an unexpected medical emergency or unemployment, the rising bills can make you feel trapped and lead to bankruptcy or eviction. Selling your annuity payments can give you the immediate cash you need to get out of financial trouble and start anew.

Sell To Invest

Smart investors prefer to sell their annuity for cash to make a sizable return on their investment. Putting the money from your annuity into stocks, business venues, real estate, and other investment opportunities can help you make substantially more over time.

Sell To Fund Education

Earning a quality education is very important. Whether you attend a university or technical school, higher learning equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your career and everyday life. Despite the importance of education, it can be a financial burden for many. With the high cost of tuition, books, and other related expenses, attaining a degree leaves most Americans in massive debt. Whether you or your child is attending college, selling your structured settlement can give you the money you need to afford an education, without putting yourself in the hole.

Sell For Peace of Mind

Personal finance can be very stressful for many individuals and families. Using the money from your structured settlement to pay off or minimize debt can relieve this stress to give you peace of mind and enhance your quality of life. Additionally, selling part or all of your annuity can be beneficial if you have anticipate the economy to be worse off in the future. Selling now ensures you'll see the full amount of money. In the future, inflation or company bankruptcy could keep you from getting the full benefit.

These are a few reasons to consider when deciding if you should get cash for your annuity. Contact CashForAnnuity.org today for an immediate quote and the highest payoff: 888-302-2186.

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